Capital Roofing Contractors (CRC) specializes in metal, slate and tile roofs. We can locate any type of roof tile for our customers whether it is presently made or extinct and no longer manufactured. CRC installs genuine quarried slate along with man-made slate and eco-friendly 100% salvageable slate. We prefer using copper fasteners and flashings on our slate roofs. CRC also installs genuine quarried slate flooring.

SLATE ROOFS: Genuine slate roofs are top-of-the-line roofs that offer a lifetime of durability and beauty along with a Class A fireproof rating. Slate roofs and their copper accessories are salvageable to help create a landfill-free environment. There are many types of man-made slates which are also salvageable and a lighter weight for homes that aren’t designed to hold the weight of genuine slate.

CLAY TILE ROOFS: Clay tile roofs are the second best type of roof with many of the same advantages of a slate roof. They offer a lifetime of durability and beauty, are a great sound barrier and are fire resistant.

CONCRETE TILE ROOFS: Concrete tile roofs aren’t as durable or salvageable as slate and clay tile roofs, thus they aren’t as expensive, but they offer the same beauty and fireproof rating and can be installed on homes not designed for the weight of a clay tile roofs. They are made in a variety of styles and colors.

Slate roofs, clay and concrete tile roofs are a draining type of roof system. It is very important that these roofs are installed only by an experienced slate or tile roof installer who knows how to properly flash protrusions and valleys and how to properly install the correct underlayments required for this type of draining roof system.

METAL ROOFS: Premium metal roofs can last a lifetime and increase the resale value of your home. Today’s metal roofs come in a variety of styles and colors, are energy efficient, Class A fire rated, and recycleable. Primarily made from aluminum and steel, they are also available in solid copper and zinc alloys. CRC installs standing seam metal, copper metal, and stone-coated steel roofs. We also install copper metal on bay window roofs, copper spires and finials, and copper gutters and flashings.

COMPOSITION SHINGLES AND WOOD CEDAR: CRC installs all brand names of composition shingles from (20) year warranted to the lifetime warranted and Class 4 hail impact resistant roof shingles. We also install fire-retardant 18” wood cedar shingles, wood cedar shakes, jumbo wood cedar shakes and jumbo jumbo wood cedar shakes.

SKYLIGHTS, GUTTERS, CHIMNEY CAPS, METAL DORMERS: CRC fabricates and installs skylights, gutters, chimney caps, and metal dormers made of any type of metal and in any size.

ROOF VENTILATION: We offer all types of roof venting including solar powered or electric thermostatically-controlled attic power ventilators, gable and roof louvers, under eave vents, ridge vents, and lifetime warranted wind turbines. Without proper ventilation, serious damage can occur such as wet insulation, mildew, and rotting wood. Most residential attic ventilation requires a balanced system of 50% exhaust vents and 50% intake vents. They both must be of proper size and number per square footage of your attic. (Note: Never cover wind turbines with plastic bags during the winter. It causes condensation and wood rot in the attic)

ROOF DECKING and CARPENTRY: CRC installs all types of roof decking as per the manufacturer’s venting specifications to prevent warping. We install eave soffit boards, eave and gable fascia boards, and shingle moldings. We perform all types of architectural carpentry including vaulted ceilings. We also perform interior or exterior painting and wood staining.

Call Capital Roofing Contractors at (972) 539-3848, toll free 1-800-464-3555 or use our Contact page in this website.

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