Five Of Our Key Fabrication Services

Capital Roofing Contractors is not just a roofing company. We fix roof areas, and we do it well, but we also excel at a range of other household services that are important for property owners to think about. We kind of “do it all and that’s a value to our loyal customers! (and anyone else who might be looking for any of these services online.)

One example is the range of fabrications that we do to custom make parts for property maintenance.

We'll talk about a few of these in a little more detail.


Gutters are a key life support for a property. Gutters and downspouts have to work properly to direct water away from the foundation. That’s important, because water can cause a lot of problems if not remediated in certain ways.

That means property owners have to always be checking on their gutters and downspouts, and making sure that they have the best quality installations in place. Our fabrication helps with this kind of objective. We produce the kinds of parts for systems that really guard your home, 24/7


Louvers are a type of exterior that people sometimes lump in with cladding or wall exteriors that are to protect underlying surfaces from the sun and heat. Louvers are also a great style addition to a property. We fabricate different louver designs in order to apply these to your property for curb appeal and energy savings. Take a look at the range of louver designs that you can choose for your home or property.


What goes on top of your house?

A classy weathervane invokes an old-school image of a farmhouse in New England , a farmer’s barn in the south, or a historic property anywhere in the country

Although weathervanes have been made obsolete by new technology, they’re still stylistically popular with property owners. So we often fabricate and install these for our customers.


New modern kinds of skylights are a great addition to a building. Skylights admit light without admitting things like insects and dust. They’re also great for weather watchers, themselves. A nice skylight is an attractive amenity for a property. But one that’s in bad condition is, well, generally not. We help to fix problems with roofing that involve skylight fixtures, and consult with customers on how to integrate skylights into a design and keep them in good condition on a roof fixture.


Since we deal with roofing so much, it's very convenient to be able to fabricate flashing for roof projects. That fabrication is at the heart of what we do for customers and how we move our business forward each year.

Talk to a roofing company with experience in fabrication and crafting products that will help you to maintain your home or business property for the long haul.